Professor Bing Liu-researching about COVID-19 was killed in a supposed murder-suicide

Professor Bing Liu-researching about COVID-19 was killed in a supposed murder-suicide

The researcher attendant professor, name Bing Liu, 37, was found with gunshot wounds in his townhouse on Saturday noon. Ross Township police found the body of Bing Liu with the wounds to his neck, head, and torso. As per the investigation of a police agency, there is another person whose name was not discovered was identified as 46 years old and was a software engineer. As per the local department, police said he took his own life when he caught positioned in a car parked.

Ross township police said in the statement that both men known to each other. There is no relation between two of them had anything to do with Liu’s research, “police said.” Police still investigating whether the two men who know each other had any strife before the shooting. The aim of the murder is still not cleared.

The Post-gazette reporter said. Bing Liu’s department at the University of Pittsburgh School of medicine said he was a great researcher and shortly before his death he had researched for Covid-19 infection. The head of his department and his supervisor told to the investigators that Bing Liu had received interesting results for the COVID-19 infection.

One more thing that Liu’s supervisor told the police he had mailed him several times but didn’t receive a single reply from him. He was quite disturbed that Liu didn’t respond, as per the statement of Post-Gazette. After a conversation with Liu’s colleague, she confirmed that Liu was a victim.

It is also said that Liu was killed because he had some unravel details about COVID-19. He was trying to uncover the truth of COVID-19. Members of the university’s school of medicine describe Liu as one of the best researchers and “we will miss him very much” and said to complete his research for COVID-19.

Written by Neha Garg