Protestors set up a guillotine outside Jeff Bezos’ mansion and demanded higher wages for Amazon workers after the CEO’s net worth surpassed $200 billion

On Thursday, a day after Bezos’ net worth crossed $200 billion for the first time and made him one of the richest guys in the history of humanity in so many decades; there was a demonstration in front of his house, asking for a wage raise for Amazon workers.

The protest was led by the former warehouse worker, Christian Smalls, who is also known for openly criticizing Amazon, has asked to raise in the wages of workers to $30 per hour, which is $15 per hour. There were more than 100 demonstrators. He asked to reason out, why the workers don’t deserve the raise.

It is noteworthy that Smalls says that he was fired as retaliation for organizing a walkout when an employee was tested positive for COVID-19. Though, Amazon denies any such claims to be true. Since then he has led many such protests against Jeff and Amazon.

Written by Stephen D