Protests for George Floyd were largely Seemed to Turn out of hands of Donald Trump

Violence against the death of George Floyd is not stopping at any cost. George Floyd, a black man died this past week in police custody. And after the video went viral, the people came on the street to protest against the two police officers. People from all over the states demanded the government to take strict action against the police officers. But when the government did not take any action against the officers, the protest became violent. People started destroying the public properties, burning the vehicles, looting the stores. And after so many days, President Trump couldn’t able to stop the protestors either.

Donal Trump Threatens people to Deploy Military If the Violence doesn’t Stp

On Monday, Trump threatens the people that if they do not stop the violence, then he will deploy the military in the states. The president flaunts the message with an intensity of drama and debate on Monday, come up in the Rose Garden as Secret Helper and police hastily cleaned an Abutting park of protestors. As the president started talking, the police secondhand tear gas and flash grenades to clean out the people that had assembled in the street of Lafayette Square, so that Mr. Trump could walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church later and position for pictures when he is equity a Bible outside the boarded-up church.

In Washington, St. John’s Church, based on a block from the White House, has evolved into a focal point. The curfews followed disapproval in the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American who has died in Minneapolis after being attached to a lower place when a white police officer’s knee for about nine minutes. Mr. Trump is aggressive to secondhand the Rebellion Act as US cities across the country suffering to deal with complain at times, steal goods and protest that started last week after the killing of George Floyd,