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Pusha T & Wife Virginia Williams Welcome a baby boy

Pusha T aged 43 and his wife Virginia are now father and mother of their newborn baby. On 11 June 2020, their first baby was born, named Nigel Brixx Thornton. He is now six days old. This rapper also shared the photos of their baby Nigel Brixx Thornton on his Instagram account, captioned with rocket emoji and with their newborn baby’s name.

Pusha T and Virginia were accepting their baby in December 2019. They also posted a post which reads that baby T is coming up spring 2020, happy holidays. Virginia also posted a no. of sonogram captioned I got my dream job, I am over the moon.

After dating each other for many years Pusha T and Virginia Williams were married in 2018 in Virginia. Pusha T full name Terrence LeVarr Thornton was born on May 13 1977 in New York. After some time his family shifted to Virginia Beach. He and his brother in their teenage started selling drugs. Their parents kicked out them from home after they discovered that Pusha T and his brother were selling drugs.

After years they were attracted to hip hop and they both started building careers in this field. Pusha T is an American rapper, a songwriter and a record executive.pusha T with his brother and his fellow artist No Malice founded re-up records.

Pusha T and his brother Gene Thornton also formed their band known as Clipse. Gene Elliott Thornton Jr. also known as No Malice was born on August 18 1972 in New York. He is also an American hip hop star and a record executive. Pusha T and Virginia Williams were married on July 21 2018 after a long time relationship. Congratulations to this couple for their first kid.

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