Ray Fisher Confirms his Removal from the Movie Flash, amid a standoff with WB

Warner Bros, the makers of the movie Flash, and Ray Fisher were at loggerheads. They have confirmed Ray Fisher’s absence in the film. Sources have confirmed that Ray Fisher is not going to be working in  Flash in the supporting role of Cyborg. The month-long heated debate between Warner Bros and Ray Fisher has concluded with Ray fisher ousted from the movie.

 The accusations made by  Ray Fisher was the harassment at the workplace during the filming of the movie Justice League was the cause of the dispute between the two parties. Ray Fisher claimed director Joss Whedon was the cause of an unfavorable environment during the shoots, and Warner Bros’ top executives were turning a blind eye to the incidents. Ray Fisher accused Walter Hamady of being incapable to lead the team and the reason for several harassment coverups in the past. He hopes the Justice League investigation will be the last instance and has agreed to a polygraph test to prove it.

Warner Media chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff, in a statement to the media, stated Walter Hamady did not interfere in the investigations, and she has confidence in his work. She wished the team at DC films will progress under his leadership and guidance.   

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