Razer brings its analog switches to a compact 60 percent keyboard

If you were tempted by Razer’s analog keyboard last year but want something a little more compact, the Huntsman Mini Analog might be worth checking out. Razer says this is the first time it’s brought its analog optical switches to a keyboard with a 60 percent layout, meaning it doesn’t have a function row, numpad, or even arrow keys. The result is a very small accessory, ideal for anyone with limited desk space.

Analog switches allow the keyboard to register a series of inputs, except that the keys are simply pressed or not pressed. For example, Razer’s software lets you assign two commands to one key (one for a half-press or another for a full-press), and you can also change the control point of each switch (i.e. how many you have to press a key before it activates). is registered a press).

The Huntsman Mini Analog with has analog optical switches.
Image: Razer

Analog controls also mean you can have individual keys emulate a controller joystick, offering finer controls in racing games, for example. But this kind of functionality can be a bit disappointing in my experience. PC games are generally designed to be controlled with a gamepad or a keyboard, so combining the two can be messy. Check out my review of the Wooting Two HE for an overview of the types of issues you might encounter with an analog keyboard.

Other features of the Huntsman Mini Analog include doubleshot PBT keycaps, a detachable USB-C cable, RGB lighting and a 1000Hz polling rate. That’s a pretty typical polling rate for a keyboard, but it does mean that the Huntsman Mini Analog won’t have the kind of responsiveness seen on the Huntsman V2 with its 8000Hz polling rate.

The Huntsman Mini Analog is on sale worldwide this month for $149.99 (€159.99).

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