Rebel Wilson gave a surprise to her First American Friend, also a hairstylist

Rebel Wilson gave a surprise to her First American Friend, also a hairstylist

The Celebrity IOU HGTVs became a massive hit where the viewers want to tune for Jonathan Scott’s and Property Brothers Drew which is their recent venture on TV.

In this series, there is an opportunity for celebrities to give back the most important people there in lives. In this, stars like Michael Bubble and Brad Pitt appeared on the show.

On Monday the episode which is featured has Rebel Wilson that gave viewers to have a look at who is the most important person and the relationship of her life.

Rebel Wilson’s hairstylist as well his best friend, Nicole for the renovation of a backyard along with Scott brothers

Rebel and Nicole are friends for long. When Nicole met Wilson, she moved full time to Los Angeles, California. She said that she chose Nicole as she is her first friend from America ever to whom she met at the time when she had gone to her for doing her hair. They both worked on films such as Pitch perfect and Bridesmaids together.

Nicole said that when she met Wilson, she was the kindest person she ever met. Even the stardom she has still there is no change. She considered her as a family than a friend.

Wilson had the wish to renovate Nicole backyard as she could not afford much in her house despite her backyard is mostly empty.

Wilson told to the Scotts that she had sent all her money to buy this and now not left with anything to do a makeover of outside. It is best to give her in this way.

Transformation of the backyard by Wilson and Scotts

They wanted to make the back area functional with fun, by putting outdoor kitchen, pool, fireplace and living room.

Wilson helped Scotts in a demolition of the area by working on it. Then the backyard separated into 3 different areas. In this living room and outdoor kitchen are close to each other which helps Nicole to spend time while cooking with her friends and family in the backyard. In the kitchen, there is a mini-refrigerator, grill, and dining table.

The living area is covered and had a fan to make the guest cool off and for entertainment, there is a television. The space looks so good that it is not believable that it is an outdoor space. Nearby there is an additional space for a lounge in which Nicole and her husband could spend their time.

Though Wilson wanted to fit the pool also so that her friend has better amenity. The pool has jets, built-in lights that change colors and are heated. Whereas the fireplace is one that Nicole can enjoy during winter.

Nicole became emotional after looking at change backyard

Nicole said that she had not imagined this and it is much better than imagination with tears in her eyes. She is surprised how so many things had fit in the backyard and looks so good. The memories she is going to make here will be really special. She said Wilson is so generous and had tears when she talked about her.

This finale season of “Celebrity IOU” will be aired on 18 May, Monday. Then it will be followed by Jeremy Renner’s journey that he wanted to give her mother a dream home that would be near to her children as well as grandchildren.