Reconnect to calm

Reconnect to calm

Sponsored by EpZen December 10, 2021

Magnesium is identified to toughen mood and sleep quality and assist with stress and relaxation. Stories say magnesium is exclusively absorbed by potential of the pores and skin, which is why EpZen merchandise include the recurring aggregate of pure magnesium and 100 per cent natural wanted oils. The corporate’s high-quality differ of body care merchandise enables customers to derive micro-moments of tranquil in their nerve-racking, fleet-paced and busy lives.

EpZen is Australian owned, paraben-free, vegan friendly and the company would now not test on animals. It is per magnesium sulphate and natural fragrances and as such contains no animal-derived substances. EpZen is also certified as 100 per cent Low CO2 by the Carbon Low cost Institute and offsets 100 per cent of its operational emissions, making it an environmentally stable product.

All EpZen merchandise encompass a obvious aggregate of magnesium and 100 per cent natural wanted oils.

Health and wellbeing advantages

Magnesium affords a vast number of health and wellbeing advantages. Five systems whereby magnesium can toughen your wellbeing encompass:

1 Improves sleep quality

2 Relieves muscle tension

3 Soothes headaches and migraines

4 Aids post-exercise recovery

5 Reduces irritation

While magnesium is say in other folk’s diets through leafy greens, fish, nuts and wholegrains, many other folk are deficient in this wanted mineral. Supplementing magnesium can present an array of physical health advantages that will boost your total sense of wellbeing. The single formulation to realize here is transdermally (during the pores and skin). Spritzing a magnesium oil spray, massaging a magnesium lotion or soaking in a magnesium tub allows magnesium to absorb during the epidermis straight into the body. This is the most efficient formulation to supplement magnesium as it bypasses the digestive machine and will get straight to work.

Aromatherapy has been practised for centuries to tranquil, heal and energise the body and mind. Using wanted oils works on two ranges to promote wellbeing. First, it encourages other folk to breathe deeply as they inhale a desired scent. Whenever you happen to realize this, a stress-free wave washes over you and to boot you change into aware and centred. 2nd, wanted oils, bask in every scents, are detected in the olfactory bulb (the smell receptor in our brain) which is found end to varied cerebral areas that assist watch over our emotions. This hyperlink between scent and emotions is the foundation of aromatherapy to toughen mood and make stronger wellbeing.

The 100 per cent natural wanted oils primitive in the EpZen differ are fastidiously selected for his or her particular person healing properties to boot to their synergistic advantages. The consequence’s a calmer, clearer, more beneficial mood reveal and a happier you.

The blends

EpZen wanted oils are mixed into three varied wellbeing blends: Relax (excellent to reduction ease stress and tension), Soothe (excellent for promoting calmness and emotional steadiness) and Sleep (the excellent formulation to melt your worries away as you fling off to the land of nod).


Bathtub Crystals: Dissolve two cups of crystals in a warmth tub, sit support and sit back out.

Physique Lotion: EpZen’s Magnesium Physique Lotion contains pores and skin-nourishing macadamia oil, weight-reduction procedure E, cocoa seed butter, shea butter and rosehip oil, to boot to to magnesium. Cope along with your palms and body to the silky-relaxed lotion after bathing, prior to mattress or at any time whereas you need to some healing.

Physique Spray: Simply spray a generous quantity of EpZen Physique Spray on any sore spots and gently therapeutic massage in. You have to likely be ready to also spray onto your neck and shoulders whereas you will likely be feeling the stress mounting.

Using a magnesium spray is also a marvelous bedtime ritual that indicators to your mind it’s time to unwind.

Foot Care: EpZen’s fresh Soothe Toes differ is created to support overworked soles. The differ involves soak, tonic, scrub and balm for a easy-step DIY foot spa. With every product containing 100 per cent natural wanted oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree, this also can fair cool, tranquil and refresh your sore toes whereas easing your mind.

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