Record of YouTube broken by K-Pop Group Blackpink for the Biggest Premiere in the Video

Record of YouTube broken by K-Pop Group Blackpink for the Biggest Premiere in the Video

The Record has been broken of being most viewed YouTube’s music video by a new single “How You Like That” of Blackpink, K-pop girl group. This song equivocates amid Korean and English lyrics and this video is featuring the pop quartet in an elaborated costume, dance routines as well as settings.

Blackpink had said that this may be sound too big but they wanted to give a hopeful message. They said that no matter what darkest situation or times came in our life, they want that everyone should have confidence and strength for rising again.

On Friday, it was being watched by around about 1.65 million which has broken the records but now it has crossed above 50 million views. 

In a year this group had first this as single though they had worked together on “Sour Candy,” with Lady Gaga last month.

Before this, the record of YouTube has been held by K-pop group fellow BTS in February for single “On” whose premiere has been seen by 1.54 million people, and now this video has more than 204 million views.

There are many superlatives which are there with Blackpink, like most subscribed music group on YouTube, first to hit a billion views on YouTube by a K-pop group, a female of K-pop group had done the highest-grossing tour.

K-pop stars are not only showing for the premieres in a music video but also supporting the causes of liberal politics and Black Lives Matter. They had taken the racists out by #WhiteLivesMatter having the features of content as K-pop idols in the allyship along with the movement of Black Lives Matter. They had registered allegedly for the rally of Trump’s Tulsa for ensuring arena have empty seats, which rep, applauses by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.