Reese Witherspoon is proud of her media company, Hello Sunshine

Reese Witherspoon is proud of her media company, Hello Sunshine

Many things are being tried to escape from quarantine COVID 19 and if one is watching Little Fires Everywhere or one is beginning the day with, the morning show then Reese Witherspoon needs to be thanked off. This is not just as she is a co-star in both of the programs but she worked in it as a guiding spirit as well as a producer of it. She had worked not only in these but many other productions which are a hit.

Reese Witherspoon Knows what makes a Good Movie

She had said that she knows how to make a good movie as she had a stand on movie sets from the time when she was just 14 years old. She had won in 2006 Best Actress Oscar award for the film Walk the line for playing the role of June Carter Cash.

But even by 2010 she was not getting the role she wanted to do and needs to compromise on it. Then her husband talented agent Jim Toth suggested that you read a lot which no other does and why to turn any of your reading finally into a movie. It here where she started thinking that how it could be done and how she is going to do that.

So, she decided on the first book she had read before Wild by Cheryl Strayed’s and thought that this could work as an amazing movie. Then she called Cheryl and said that whether she wants that a movie about her life would be made and also, she be the producer of it.

In response, she said ok sure. But she may be not aware that I am not an old producer and just new to the film industry as a producer. She said that Cheryl did not care about it too and have a lot of belief in me. She was grateful to Cheryl that she gave her this opportunity.

Wild was so good that Witherspoon in the year 2015 got nomination for Academy award. With this, she also worked as co-producer of a very good film which is based on the bestseller book, gone girl.

Does really after this Hollywood has started taking her as a producer or not?

She said that it was just nothing but big little lies. After having the third production which being successful that people started taking that she is doing something in production. They consider her that she is doing work as a producer also.

After the series studded with stars won few of the Emmy Awards she is being considered as one who could influence Hollywood. After that Hello Sunshine which is her production company was being founded in a prime premise. As per Sarah Harden, CEO that as a media and entertainment company they are working on stories that are keeping women at a central role.

So, what could be the secret that how they would be doing all this? 

As per head of film and television, Lauren Neustadter they listen to every story passionately which is being told to them. They read all the stories and some of these kindles something which makes it feel like to start making a film on it.

Reading is still the work that Reese Witherspoon does as she loves it the most. Her huge collection of popular books had made many authors be on the list of bestsellers and for this, she did not take any inducements.