Release Date Announced for Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part 1

It is official that the first update for Minecraft, which adds new Caves & Cliffs content, will be released on January 25, following many previews and Snapshots. Cavers & Cliffs: Part 1 is due to be released on June 8th, so Minecraft players will have it in their hands in one week. If you have Minecraft, you will soon be able to get the free update that is releasing for the PC and the Bedrock versions of the game include Java.

In Caves & Cliffs, as its name suggests, viewers explore mountains and caves deep beneath the surface of the earth as well as rocky crags and cliffs. Amidst the many Java previews just last week, a significant pre-release update for Caves & Cliffs was released, indicating that the actual update is not far behind. Since the first update was originally scheduled for Summer 2021, we know it is coming sooner than expected.

The players will have to watch out for some new creatures in those caves and cliffs they explore. This update will also include the AXOLOLS. The “glow squid” will also appear as a new mob in the game.

When Caves & Cliffs content becomes available, the Minecraft team said there will be plenty of new blocks to be included in the game. Earlier this month, it was announced that there would be 91 blocks added to the game in just the first release. Although no further details were given, it sounds like there is a lot to check out.

Mojang decided weeks ago not to rush this update and split the content into two releases so that no one gets alarmed. During the holidays, the second will be released sometime after the first comes out on June 8th.

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