Return of The New “Twilight” Novel- But this time it is Edward’s Perspective

The twilight love story is yet again back in the Novel format by author Stephenie Meyer. This novel will be from Edward Cullen’s point of view. So, cheers to Edward’s fans.

Midnight Sun- Releasing Date is 4th August

To all the  “Twilight” fans dawn has broken at last. The “Midnight Sun,” will showcase the love of vampire Edward Cullen and very much human Bella. The story is expected to come to the reader’s hand on 4th August.

The actual plan is to release the book was 10 years back immediately after the release of the final edition of the series”Breaking Dawn” But the unreal sequence of events happened and the book can’t be released. That makes her waited for 12 years to release this love story of the night creature and a human.

What is all Expected from the Novel?

A brooding vampire Edward is battling his own nature and wants to reverse the nature of his soul-“love & drink the blood of the same person he loves.”

Although the publishers- “Little, Brown Young Readers”, decided to release it with young adult imprint. According to them the steps or decision taken by Edward Cullen is decisively dark. But they are releasing the book with the Adult print not to disappoint readers.

Twitter handles of various reporters are going crazy . Vulture announced the release of the book through his twitter handle.