Rhea Chakraborty Passed Time in Jail Like A True Fighter


After spending almost a month in prison, the actress was released on Wednesday, when the Bombay High Court finally accepted her bail plea. She was asked to pay one lakh rupees as a bail bond. Rhea was released from the Byculla women’s prison, and after hours of her release, her lawyer Satish called her a ‘Bengali Tigress’ in an interview.

Talking about how she spent her time in jail, the lawyer said she was in good spirits and conducted yoga classes for her inmates. She lived there, just like a commoner, as the lawyer personally went to jail to know how she was living there.

The actress was not allowed home-cooked food due to the pandemic, and so adjusted with the jail food. Maneshinde said that since she belonged to an army background, she had survived the situation just like a battle and is ready to face all the challenges and accuses with a strong spirit.

Written by Diksha

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