Rick and Morty- A laughing dose amid Coronavirus

Rick and Morty Second Part of Season 4 released on 3rd May. This series is a perfect laughing dose amid this tough time.

Here’s What to Know about Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is the story of a Scientist Grandfather Rick and his Grandson Morty Smith who are on their adventurous scientific Journey.

When and where to watch Rick and Morty?

Now Rick and Morty’s series is coming up with the second part of their Season 4. The new episodes will be streaming on Adult Swim (Cartoon channel) at 11.30 pm PT on Sunday 3rd May.

If you don’t have Cartoon Network you can watch Rick and Morty Live shows on Hulu Plus Live.

How to Catch up with Previous Seasons of Rick and Morty

Amid this lockdown, you can sit back and get back to the journey of Rick and Morty. Starting from the 2013 plot you can embark on the adventurous journey of Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty is all about random events taking place. If you have no idea about the series you can start from any episode and you will a rough idea.

In my point, you should start from episode 2 of season 1- Lawnmower Dog. You will get an idea about the idea of the crazy family. Then you can jump to episode 5 which introduces Meeseeks the Genie in the Meeseeks box. Then straight jump to episode 9 introducing interdimensional cable. These episodes and a few more will make you ready for the new journey starting on 3rd May.

What had happened on First part of the Season 4

To start with the new journey you should get an idea of the first part of season 4 which constitutes 5 episodes. Let’s recall the first part-

Episode1- Introduction of Alien Crystal by Rick. Alien crystal used to show the Death of the person watching it which is very sad.

Episode-2- Morty is in love with his new Toilet Seat.

Episode-3- Return of Mr. Poppybutthole who is now a professor.

Episode 4- Morty gets a hold of dragon who has evil ideas and thoughts.

Episode-5- Inroduction of time travelling snakes by Rattlestar Ricklactica.

Now you are all set to embark on this crazy scientific journey of Rick and Morty. Stay tuned at 11.30 pm PT on 3rd May on the Adult swim.