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Riots in Los Angeles J.R. Smith, Former NBA star had chased and smashed looter, stating he does not like the crime

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This weekend J.R. Smith, former NBA star had found himself in a violent physical argument. In the last season of Cleveland Cavaliers, a shooting guard was being caught in the camera while attacking a man in Los Angeles. As per Smith he had broken his car window at the time of riots which happened during George Floyd’s death.

On Monday night, Floyd had died when Derek Chauvin, a former police officer had stooped his neck and he did not listen to Floyd plead also. After his death, there has been a protest against the brutality of the police in the United States.

After the fight, he recorded in a video that he lives in a residential area that is not close to where riots are happening in the downtown of Los Angeles.  He said the one who looted is from these white boys and they broke his windows and he chased him as well as kicked him.

The video was released through TMZ sports and could be seen that Smith is kicking him while he is lying on the ground. Once he tries to get on his feet, with the right fist Smith punches him.

Though the men are there in white, it is insisted by Smith that here the race has no role to play where the concern is of a looter.

Smith said he does not have a problem with anybody neither anybody is having a problem with me. But he does not like crime and he has a problem with the system which is creating issues. Nothing else.

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