Romance Rumors spread with a kiss among G-Eazy and Ashley Benson

Romance Rumors spread with a kiss among G-Eazy and Ashley Benson

G-Eazy and Ashley Benson had shared much better than a pie that is a kiss. On Thursday, when these two are taking pies from The Apple Pan, a restaurant in Los Angeles where the rapper and Pretty Little Lies star being caught by paparazzi for showing some PDA. As per the eyewitness, both the stars in their car had a brief kiss after they got their order.

What actually is cooking Between G-Easy and Ashley?

They kiss on the lips as Ashley liked a post by her fan that she had a breakup with Cara Delevingne who is her girlfriend for long. As said in the account @iloveabcd20 with a photo of G-Eazy and Asley, it cannot be said they are into dating due to some likes or comments. Could not Ashley have any friends now? This saying should be stopped now that either Ashley or Cara cheated. Now they just need a friend more than they ever needed in their lives.

Is Ashley Leaving the long time girlfirend Cara Delevingne?

If Ashley had liked the post then it is indicating that it could be possible that she as well as the rapper are just friends and having affection like a friend nothing else. It could be possible that Cara is just taking support from her friend by leaning on her shoulder as she is trying to move out from her breakup with the actress. As per the people who told about the spilt is that Brit spends most of its time with Kaia Gerber and Margaret Qualley as they are her close friends. 

On Cinco de Mayo, Cole Sprouse, Alex Fine, Cara, KJ Apa, and Margaret spend a lot of time in a pool party together. From an eyewitness, it was told that during the party Margaret and Cara take themselves out from the gathering. From among many of the stars, Cara is also trying to give back in her toughest of time.

Being a model, she took part in the campaign #SaveWithStoriesUK as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle also do the same. With this she is also working with All It Takes group for supporting a month of the Mental Health Awareness along with the stars such as Shailene Woodley.