Ron Gilbert’s Return to Monkey Island is out this year

Turns out Ron Gilbert’s April 1st joke wasn’t a joke at all. He is indeed working on a new entry in the classic Monkey Island adventure game series, titled Return to Monkey Island, and it’s set to release this year. You can watch the game’s first trailer here or at the top of this post.

According to the description of the YouTube trailer, Return to Monkey Island is a “long-awaited follow-up” to The secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge† Main character Guybrush Threepwood is back and he is voiced again by Dominic Armato.

The trailer reveals that Return to Monkey Island is made by Terrible Toybox, the developer of the old-school adventure game from 2017 Thimbleweed Parkin partnership with Disney-owned Lucasfilm Games, which was involved in the first four Monkey Island games under the LucasArts banner and Devolver Digital. Rex Crowle, who was involved in the design of some great games such as Tear off and Little big planetis the art director, which probably means the game will have a great sense of style.

We don’t know much else yet, although you may want to bookmark the game’s website so you can check for future updates. In 2013, Gilbert wrote a blog post titled “If I Made Another Monkey Island” – maybe that has some clues as to what to expect? And that same year he promised that if he ever made another one Monkey Island game, he would announce it on April 1.

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