Russia claims first Covid-19 vaccine “Sputnik V”, Putin says daughter inoculated

Sputnik V

Much awaited Russia Coronavirus Vaccine 

The world can hardly wait to get the cure of the highly contagious coronavirus. As far as the developments are concerned, Russia is moving at a tremendous speed for rolling out its vaccine. It is determined to win the race and this is raising eyebrows as many feel that it is trying to put national prestige before safety and science. 

The Covid-19 vaccine has already received the necessary approval from Russia’s health ministry. The world’s first Covid-19 vaccine is being developed by 

Gamaleya Institute of Moscow. The human testing period has not been more than two months. 

President Vladimir Putin said in a government meeting that the vaccine has successfully passed all the trial phases. And they do not intend to put the safety of the people at risk, at any cost. The complete efficacy and safety of the vaccine has been ensured. 

The move has paved the way for the much needed mass inoculation, after the continuation of clinical trials final stages. 

Is Russia putting National prestige before the safety of people and science?

The country had made claims regarding being the first country to come up with a Covid-19 vaccine.

Sources reveal that Russian authorities are all set to inoculate teachers, medical workers, and other risk groups initially. Keeping fingers crossed for the vaccine,  as the world really needs it right now. 

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