Sad News- Son of Melissa Etheridge-Beckett Cypher Died of Opioid Addiction

Sad News- Son of Melissa Etheridge-Beckett Cypher Died of Opioid Addiction

Singer Melissa Etheridge on Wednesday shared the sad news of the loss of his 21-year-old Son-Beckett Cypher with her former partner Julie Cypher. Sharing the statement she added that she is now the join the families who have lost their loved ones to Opioid Addiction.

She shared a tweet to share the sad news. In that, she stated that her son struggled to overcome the addiction and finally he quit. The family has seen him in pain and now assured that he is not in any pain. She also thanked people for love and concern. In a statement, she added that she will sing soon as singing is a way of healing yourself.

Beckett was the son of Melissa and Cypher- Famous Same-Sex Parents

Singer Melissa and Filmmaker-Cypher are well-known Celebrities. They further came into the news when Cypher through Artificial insemination had two babies one girl Bailey and the other is Beckett. First, they didn’t reveal the name of the biological father but in 2000 both revealed it is singer Crosby.

The family appeared on the front page of the Rolling stone with Crosby and his wife. Later, they invited for the interview with Charlie Rose on 60 minutes where thery revealed how the children should be raised in the home of Same-Sex parents.

Melissa with son Beckett on the cover of Rolling Stone

Melissa also had 13-year-old twin babies -Son Miller and daughter Johnie with her past relationship with Tammy Lynn Michaels.