Safety is still the Question for the First Time in the World, COVID 19 Vaccine By Russia

By Tuesday, the use of coronavirus vaccine has been approved by Vladimir Putin, Russian President saying that it is the word first, but some concerns and questions are unanswered about effectiveness and safety.

Putin said that a vaccine for coronavirus had been registered in the world for the first time, and he knows that it will work effectively and gives a stable immunity. He also said that it had been taken by one of his daughters, and after each dose, she had a higher temperature, but after that, she is ok.

Gamaleya Institute, based out in Moscow, has developed the vaccine under the name of Sputnik-V, with reference to the first world satellite launched in 1957 by the Soviet Union. Though it has to be under the Phase 3 crucial trial, there were thousands of people administering.

As per the critic, the country is pushing the vaccine due to Kremlin, political pressure who wants to portray Russia on a global scientific force.

Safety is still the Question for the First Time in the World, COVID 19 Vaccine By Russia
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On August 11, 2020, during a teleconference with members of government Vladimir Putin, the Russian President had announced the approval for the Sputnik-V vaccine. There is no data scientifically released for its testing, and even CNN has not verified whether the vaccine is safe for use or effects.

But still, the officials of Russians have told CNN that around 20 countries and companies of the US have shown interest in the vaccine.

Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Kirill Dmitriev, funded the research for a vaccine and said that there are more than a billion doses requirement from all over the world. He said that combining with their foreign partners, they are preparing more than 500 million doses in 5 countries per year and also to increase the capacity of production. Till now, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America have shown their interest in vaccines, and nothing has been finalized about the purchase contract.

In Russia, Dmitriev said that vaccines would make Phase 3 trials start by Wednesday and other countries.

The vials of Sputnik-V, Covid-19 vaccine, would be developed in Moscow, Gamaleya Institute. Experts are asking for early approval about the vaccine.

 As told by some of the research heads that it is important to have confidence about the rollout of vaccines after full confidence and know about side effects. But until now, there is no data available. It should be properly tested.

So, to clear Phase 3 has become more critical, but it is assumed that the collateral damage is less than the release of a vaccine.

Mikhail Murashko, Russian Health Minister, had said that as per the results, these tests this vaccine will give higher safety and efficiency. All the volunteers have developed a higher quantity of antibodies for COVID 19 and no serious complications from immunization.  

Russia is making vaccines in high quantity for people infected now, which was above 20 million and killed 73,000 people worldwide.

As the World health organization, around 25 vaccines are under the evaluation of the clinical stage of development and around 139 candidates in the preclinical stage of evaluation.

In June, the government of the Chinese approved for experimenting vaccine named Ad5-nCoV, of coronavirus on military for the country. This was developed by CanSino Biologics and Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, which is part of the Chinese government’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

Ad5-nCoV results of trials have been published in the Lancet, medical journal, but not much of a good response by the experts.

In the early of this month, allegations were there that Russian spying on the development secrets of vaccines done by Canadian, British, and American, for which Kremlin had denied.