SAI recalls Indian contingent from Slovenia over charges against coach

New Delhi: De Sports Authority of India (SAI) has decided to recall the entire Indian contingent from Slovenia after a female cyclist accused head coach RK Sharma of “inappropriate behavior” during the training-cum-competition trip.

The Indian endurance contingent, made up of five male and one female cyclists, is set to return from Slovenia on June 14.

SAI has already recalled the cyclist who made the allegations and formed a commission of inquiry to investigate the matter.

The Cycling Federation of India (CFI) Chairman Onkar Singh told PTI that SAI has made the decision to shorten the training trip.

“SAI officials called the CFI this morning and said the entire contingent, including coach RK Sharma, will be immediately recalled from Slovenia,” Singh said.

It is learned that SAI also fired a separate mission to coach Sharma to return as soon as possible.

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