Salma Hayek, 54, slips into the sleek back one-piece as she cools off in the swimming pool

With her latest Instagram picture, Salma Hayek had proved that there is nothing like taking a dip in a sexy swimsuit to cure the Sunday Scaries. The 54-year-old ended January by heating things on social media in a big way. She shared a gorgeous photo of hers in a one-piece swimsuit hitting the pool. The photo shows that she has tilted her head back so that her face is above the surface and her body almost fully submerged in the clean clear water. The picture shows that her eyes are closed as she tilts her glowing face to catch some rays, towards the sun.

The one-piece swimsuit had some fringe detail across the neckline and at the center. Her hair was down while her hands combing through it. A week before she had posted a similar kind of picture to show off her #Sundayvibes. In that photo, she was wearing a red swimsuit and lounged in a hammock on top of the pool water.

Salma has never been shy of sharing her sexy photos on her Instagram page. Earlier this month too she had posted photos from her tropical vacation at the beach. In a particular picture, she was sitting in the shallow water while wearing a black bikini. In another photo, she rocked in a sexy green dress with carefully-placed cutouts and also celebrated her followers’ number reaching 17 million on Instagram.

In mid-January, she posted a video in the same black swimsuit shaking her soaking wet hair and jokingly posted that she has learned a lot from her dogs. One another picture from the vacation showed her in a sheer white cover-up while she took tequila shots and an image of hers in the pool while stunning a plunging brown bikini.

Of course, there is more to her Instagram page but for swimsuit pics. She loves to share throwback photos from the previous red carpet or some stills from some modeling shoot. Also sometimes she has shared some photos from movies she has starred in. Sometimes she also posts inspirational posts to motivate others. All in all, she seems to be very versatile in her approach.

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