Samantha Ware made accusations on Lea Michele on his tweet #BlackLivesMatter

Samantha Ware made accusations on Lea Michele on his tweet #BlackLivesMatter

HelloFresh a meal kit company has ended their contract with Lea Michele after Samantha Ware who was there in “Glee” accused that Michele had made her life as hell over the show.

On Monday, Ware had a tweet where she said that Michele had made traumatic microaggressions over the show which made questions on having a Hollywood career.

On Tuesday, Hello Fresh had tweeted that they do not overlook any kind of discrimination nor racism, and remarks which are passed by Lea Michele had disappointed them. So, they had ended their partnership with immediate effect.

Michele is having around 6.5 million Instagram followers and had posted images with HelloFresh with also roaster of partnership paid with reality TV personalities and actors.

On Monday, accusations started when Ware tweeted in response to Michele tweet which is supporting #BlackLivesMatter on the death account of George Floyd. Michele said in a tweet

In response to this tweet, Ware said

Accusations of ware were supported by many “Glee” actors, like Amber Riley supported it with a GIF by sipping tea and making signs that she agree to Ware. Alex Newell had working on a show for 4 seasons was vocal on social media and tweeted many times. Now a star as in “Supergirl”, Melissa Benoist and also worked as “Glee” in Season 4 had licked Riley, Newell’s, and Ware tweets.

Ware has been playing the character of Jane Hayward in 2015 across 11 episodes in the 6th season of “Glee”. On the other hand, Michele was a top star of this famous show as Rachel Berry and winning an Emmy nomination and 2 Golden Globe nominations.

Written by Neha Garg