Sammi Giancola: Which Jersey Shore Stars are NOT invited to her wedding?

Sammi Giancola is still close to several of her castmates, even though she has not yet appeared on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. But she is not close to many others and is being very selective in terms of who will be invited to attend her wedding.

Giancola is engaged to Christian Biscardi and the couple has right now delayed their nuptials due to the pandemic. But as per the inside news, Sammi is still planning to execute her dream wedding.

There are many obvious names on the snub list and a couple of very surprising ones. To begin with, Ronnie Magro and his girlfriend will not be invited. And there are all good reasons to do so, a decision with which even Ronnie was not at all surprised.

He was the simple reason, Sammi did not cash in like the rest of her friends after returning to MTV. She had told her fans in 2018, that she had decided not to join the show as she was at a completely different zone in her life and was focusing on the businesses and relationships.

She said that at the age of 31, she was extremely happy in all aspects of her life and wanted to avoid potentially all the toxic situations in her life, without giving details on which sort of ‘Toxic Situation’ she was talking about. Toxic Situations is Ronnie’s middle name.

Fans might also be taken aback by the news of Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly D too are not invited. In a recent interview, the duo was asked if they were looking forward to Sammi’s big day, and Pauly said that they have not spoken to Sammi yet and did they get an invite.

But it did not seem that there was any bitterness or ill will amongst them all. Even Ronnie only had kind words for Sammi when he was asked about her engagement. 

Sammi had announced her engagement on Instagram in 2019 and wrote that she was completely overwhelmed with happiness. And she also informed that all the ladies of the Shore would be in attendance.

Snooki and Deena have specifically said that they have maintained close ties with Sammi in the last so many years since the series came to a finish. There is also no clue as to whether or not Mike from ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has received an invitation or not.

When the world got to know, that Jersey was returning to MTV, the news was also accompanied by the surprise revelation that one of the cast members had decided to quit the show. After 4 seasons, Sammi Giancola still has not appeared on the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

But there is nothing to worry about her bank account as it seems that she is doing fine, as she has devoted her time to entrepreneurship. She has launched many successful ventures after leaving the show. The most successful business of hers is an online clothing and jewelry retailer- Sweetheart Styles.

Her net worth is somewhere $4 million. She was greatly benefitted from her fame, but she too deserves a lot of credit for her investment sense. Sammi seems to have learned from the examples of others, who have ruined their money by spending unnecessarily.

The near most example was Mike Sorrentito who was released from prison last year after serving 8 months in jail for tax evasion charges. But Sammi played it smart and now her monetary success into monetary freedom. Those who know her, swear that they have never seen her happier than this before, after she found the love of her life, Christian.

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