Samsung Trolls Apple for not Providing a Charger with iPhone 12


The line up of the latest Apple phones was announced in a virtual event where it was said that the latest iPhone 12 smartphones would not include a charger or earpods. This fact has led to a lot of trolling for the company on social media.

Grabbing the opportunity, Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, took a dig at the issue and mocked the company with a hilarious post. The company took to its Facebook account and wrote that its Galaxy would provide all the necessary basic accessories with its phone, including a charger, and has the best camera, battery, and memory performance, with a 120Hz screen on the phone.

The post went viral and received 70000 reactions and 10000 comments in no time. Many users wrote comments with laughing emojis on the post. This is not the first time that the South Korean giant had taken a subtle dig at Apple. Back in 2017, too, the brand had mocked the rival with an ad that was titled “Growing Up.”