Season 18 of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ will address affair of Tristan Thompson’s

Rejoicing news for the fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashian (KUWTK). Kim Kardashian had revealed that she with her sister going to shoot for Season 18 on her won in this quarantine. Nothing much in the world is going on so both Kardashian and Jenners are not hosting any events and traveling as they regularly do, but still the producer is promising that this season will be entertaining.

During one of the remaining episodes, the topic of discussion would be Tristan Thompson’s affair.

Season 18 of the Show will be Filmed from Phone

Season 18 of KUWTK must go on. All the remaining episodes will be filmed from cell phones. Farnaz Farjam, executive producer had spoken with Elle, how everyone in the family will set up the right recording equipment. So, everyone in the family will be using their cell phone to record the film and then they will upload the same in a shared folder. Then Farjam and her team will do the edition.

Quickly Farjam realized that this is not a good idea. This is poor-quality footage that no one would be liking. She explained that there should be the right space for an interview. This is what they did. She enlisted the technician and photography director to install tripods and lighting properly.

There are some difficulties but despite it, they are still hanging to do the filming by themselves. Sometimes there are mumbling that you will hear. She said, it would never be known earlier that camera job could be so tough.

Kardashian’s boyfriend as well as the father of her daughter, last year is also having an affair with the Jordyn Woods. Woods being a close friend with Kylie Jenner and her family, but this comes as a shock for everyone with viewers also.

Farjam explained that in the house of while filming Kardashian was quarantined with the NBA star. She also said that Tristan would be helping with truth to Khloe. He is showing himself a mature side to her. Farjam said that she did not like him much before but now she liked him much.

Farjam also gave hint that there will be some drama coming in the remaining season 18. She said that there are some of the family members who were not seeing each other for any reason. Even the sisters could have argued with the idea of quarantining Thompson with his ex?

Earlier, both the sisters do not like Thompson, they thought that he had not wrong with their sister. But when Kardashian had decided to co-parent their daughter putting anger aside, then her family needs to accept it. Farjam said that how but after this lockdown they had come up together and that is good.