Seed Beauty sues Kim K’s brand KKW Beauty

Seed Beauty sues Kim K's brand KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian’s make-up company KKW Beauty is facing legal action by a cosmetics company that fears the reality celebrity might spill business secrets.

According to some reports, Seed Beauty is taking KKW Beauty to court over fears 39-year-old Kim and her company could leak top secret tricks of the business – including Seed Beauty’s secret ingredients that go in the make-up recipe– in the event of a company take-over. History seems to be repeating for Seed Beauty, who expressed similar problems when Kim’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner, sold her brand to cosmetics giant Coty last year.

Seed Beauty sues Kim K's brand KKW Beauty

Seed Beauty had been involved with Kylie’s brand, King Kylie, in 2016 and shared trade secrets to growing the brand – only for Coty to buy a controlling stake in Kylie’s cosmetics company last November. Seed Beauty had allegedly warned Kylie not to share any of their trade secrets during the deal, didn’t get much reassurance. Seed Beauty fears a similar situation could arise amid industry rumors that Coty is about to buy up KKW Beauty.

Seed Beauty is querying the judge for an injunction obstruct KKW from rejoicing its trade code and business practices to Coty and other damages as well.

The lawsuit is the latest drama to rock the Kardashian family amid reports Kim’s marriage to Kanye West has become strained during the lockdown.

Her younger sister Kylie Jenner saw her Billionaire status reversed by Forbes magazine last month – to the ridicule of millions worldwide.