September 14 COVID-19 cases: World 196,017, China 0. Here’s why:


China had reported no new cases of coronavirus for the past thirty days in a row, and also there are no reports of deaths in the last thirteen days. China is the source of the pandemic that spread to 200 countries of the world but has no single infection reported according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker. The tracker confirmed 196,017 new cases of COVID-19 worldwide on the same date.     

China’s present data shows that they have witnessed a total of 90,219 cases with 4,735 deaths until now, whereas the world has more than 29.27 million infected people with 926,716 deaths reported. There has been a decline since mid-July. Data shows that China has reported only 4,973 cases between July 15 and September 14.

The reason why China was successful in containing the deadly disease is the strict enforcement of local rules. It included wearing masks, home quarantines, mass testing, tight control on movement in and out of the country, aggressive contact tracing, and mandatory isolation of infected person to stop the spread of the virus to healthy individuals.

Earlier this month, China also held a success ceremony in defeating the disease and becoming coronavirus free.