Shocking!! Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Broke Up After 2 months of Engagement

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Broke Up After 2 months of Engagement

2 months before Max Ehrich proposed Demi Lovato with a Diamond Ring worth $1million. But what happened to their relationship that they decided to broke up with each other? Let’s find the truth behind the separation further in the article.

The fans were speculating something strange between the inseparable couple when they observed that friends and family of Demi Lovato have Unfollowed Max on Instagram. The family and friend that includes Demi’s Sister and Longtime Friend Matthew Scott Montgomery.

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Broke Up After 2 months of Engagement
Image Credits- E! Online

In addition to this some of the sources told E! that the family and friends were not sure about the intentions of Max.

The source further added that “People close to Demi have expressed that they are worried and are hesitant about Max.” Source said Demi, despite all the concerns is in love with Max and cares about him. She wants to think all positive about his intentions and doesn’t want her heart to be broken.

Short Love Story of Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich

The love story of the couple starts with the beginning of quarantine. They both were quarantined together at their LA home. In all the rush and love, they decided to take the relationship further in June.

Demi shared the Instagram Post describing her love for him. The post was captioned as “I spend my days with you, bare faced and in a bathing suit.. I feel unconditionally loved and accepted by you in a way that I’ve never felt before.. I can’t explain it or you.. you’re indescribable, you beautiful, man. Inside and out you are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.”

Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich Broke Up After 2 months of Engagement
Image Credits- Us Weekly

Then the day of the Proposal came on 22 July. Both were having beach time in Malibu when Max Proposed Demi to be his future wife.

At that time, the source told E! that “They both always knew they were each other’s perfect match. Demi has been in love with Max since the second they went on their first date.”

Another Source also told E! that “They had a very deep connection from the moment they met that was different and unlike anything they had ever felt before… They just click on every level.”

In all love Demi, purchased a million dollar home in LA for both of them to stay together.

In September, when Demi reacted on Max Past posts on Social media where he answeres that Selena Gomez is more prettier than Demi then the real problem starts.

To this, Demi said that Tweets of Max were Photoshopped and further wrote on social media while bashing netizens- “So while on one hand I understand and have compassion for those who are so horrified at the reality of 2020 that they gotta distract themselves with doctored images in order to not focus on how bad these times are—but on the other hand, if you aren’t 13 years old trying to grasp the reality of right now, put on your adult underpants and write about what actually matters. Please.”