Shocking!! Sabrina Carpenter and Griffin Gluck parted their ways

Sabrina Carpenter, the star of Work, is not new for the limelight. The first time she appeared in media when her role as Maya in Girl Meets World, the Boy Meets World was reset, and after that, she appeared in Horns, The Hate U Give, and Tall Girl along with releasing the music. This was natural and was the result of the attention given to her love life, but in the present year, Carpenter is not dating anyone.

Sabrina Carpenter & Griffin Gluck, first met while shooting on the sets of Netflix movie Tall Girl in 2019 and then started dating each other in October that year, as per the reports of Pop Sugar. The duo spent a lot of quality time together having fun. They dressed up as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in their iconic denim collection and also attended together some Golden Globe parties in the current year.

Earlier this year, Carpenter also accompanied Gluck on the premiere of his new film he Pete Davidson-fronted comedy Big Time Adolescence in New York, precisely before everyone was in quarantined mode due to pandemic. As per the reports from Just Jared, both walked separately on the red carpet but then were together in the after-party. The reason behind their parting their ways is yet not apparent as both of them have not spoken up about their breakup publicly. But unlike most of us, Carpenter is not dating anyone in quarantine.