Shocking! Teacher in Brussels Shows a Naked Cartoon of Prophet Mohammed to 6th Graders; gets Suspended

Prophet Mohammed

In Molenbeek a municipal primary school teacher goes suspended on the charge of showing a naked cartoon of Prophet Mohammed to a class of young kids, some of whom were as young as 10. The teacher was reportedly taking a class on the civic spirit to sixth-grade pupils. Then he passed around a tablet with obscene pictures to young kids who took offense to look at the pictures.

The parents of the kids testified to the school management about what had happened in the class, based on what the kids told their parents. Based on this, the teacher was suspended from the school.

The news also reached the president of the Francophone Liberal Party, and he had tweeted that he hopes that the news is not true and if it was true, it is completely unacceptable and intolerable. Freedom of expression is non-negotiable.

Moureaux had replied to his tweet and said that in what so ever situation showing anyone’s genitals to the ten-year-old is not right and so proceedings has started against the teacher.