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Shooting at Louisiana nightclub injures 12 people


Louisiana police said Sunday that 12 people were hurt in a shooting at a nightclub in Baton Rouge.

Police say that one of the people who were hurt is in very bad shape. No one has been caught, but police think the attack early in the morning was “targeted.”

“From what we know so far,” Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul said at a news conference Sunday afternoon, “this was not a random act of violence.” “We think that this was a planned attack on a specific person, and that other people were hurt in the process.”

When shots were fired around 1:30 a.m., three Baton Rouge police officers were nearby and went to the Dior Bar & Lounge. They helped the person stay alive until emergency medical technicians got there.

“We think that their quick action stopped more injuries from happening,” Paul said.

Even though police have some leads, Paul urged anyone else with information about the shooting to come forward.

“Someone knows something, so you should do the right thing. You can skip the next incident because it’s clear this person doesn’t care about life at all “Paul said.

Police didn’t say how many of the people who were shot were the intended targets. Paul wouldn’t say how many shooters were out there.

Paul said about the ongoing investigation, “I understand that people are interested and want to know more, but we have to get this right.” “And sometimes, getting it right means I can’t tell you anything right now.”

Last week, the mayor of Baton Rouge, Sharon Weston Broome, met with the mayors of other major U.S. cities in Washington, D.C., to talk about crime. She called the shooting “a senseless act of violence that will not go unchecked.”

Broome tweeted, “We won’t stop our work until everyone feels safe and people no longer use guns to settle their differences.”

Even though there were fewer homicides in Baton Rouge last year than in 2021, gun violence has been a problem in Louisiana’s capital city. In October, nine people were hurt when shots were fired early in the morning near the campus of Southern University in Baton Rouge.