Should You Buy the M1 iPad Air or the M1 iPad Pro?

@andrew_andrew__ Mar 16, 2022, 4:18 pm EDT | 4 min read iPad There used to be a clear difference between the iPad Air and iPad Pro. But Apple has slowly closed the gap between these products, to the point that the new iPad Air is practically the iPad Pro’s clone. But that doesn’t necessarily make…


| 4 min read

The 2022 M1 iPad Air in all its colors.

There veteran to be a sure inequity between the iPad Air and iPad Legitimate. But Apple has slowly closed the gap between these products, to the level that the novel iPad Air is kind of the iPad Legitimate’s clone. But that doesn’t basically blueprint the iPad Air a better set up—sadly, the reverse would be correct.

Apple’s wonky pricing strategy makes deciding between the iPad Air and iPad Legitimate an incredibly stressful assignment. And hey, I’ll warn you up entrance; this text would possibly per chance presumably per chance additionally convince you to spring for the extra costly tablet.

The Most recent iPad Air and iPad Legitimate Are Nearly The same

The M1 iPad Pro on a black background.

In make and characteristic, the recent-gen iPad Air and 11-hotfoot iPad Legitimate are nearly identical. They both characteristic an M1 processor, a high-tempo USB-C port, an edge-to-edge demonstrate, a 12MP predominant digicam, and an extremely-huge selfie lens. Plus, both tablets shall be found in with now not compulsory 5G enhance.

And since the M1 iPad Air is the identical dimension and shape as the 11-hotfoot iPad Legitimate, both products can employ the identical conditions and accessories. Tear, you would possibly per chance presumably per chance presumably additionally employ the 11-hotfoot Magic Keyboard or the second-gen Apple Pencil with the iPad Air.

The iPad Legitimate has simplest a handful of standard parts—a genuinely very honest correct 120Hz refresh price, Face ID (iPad Air has Contact ID), an further extremely-huge digicam, and up to 16GB of RAM with the very most reasonable storage configurations. There’s also Thunderbolt 4 enhance and now not compulsory mmWave 5G, which is quicker than the iPad Air’s now not compulsory sub-6 5G.

Those that purchase the M1 iPad Air will customarily, if ever, gather themselves in a field the put the M1 iPad Legitimate upgrade would blueprint lifestyles more straightforward. App efficiency, video rendering, and iPadOS speed with equal efficiency on both devices—except you’re willing to pay out the nostril for that iPad Legitimate with 16GB of RAM, unnecessary to converse.

Now, I would possibly admit that the larger 12.90-hotfoot iPad Legitimate is a in actuality particular product. No longer honest on sage of it has a giant cowl, but on sage of it contains a typical Legitimate Point to XDR panel, which supports HDR boom material and makes employ of Mini LED technology for elevated distinction and color accuracy.

Apple’s Pricing Makes Things Powerful

New iPad Air for 2022 starting at $599

Unless you’re eager about the 12-hotfoot iPad Legitimate’s giant Mini LED cowl, you’ll perhaps gather your self stuck between the M1 iPad Air and 11-hotfoot iPad Legitimate. No longer honest on sage of they offer identical parts, but due to Apple’s aggressive pricing strategy.

The inappropriate-model iPad Air costs $600, which is a whopping $200 lower than the inappropriate iPad Legitimate. Here’s the grief; basically the most fee-effective iPad Air simplest comes with 64GB of storage. That’s gorgeous ample for streaming video and perusing the get, but it severely limits the tablet’s usability with almost about any varied assignment.

No biggie, you would possibly per chance presumably per chance presumably additionally honest pay further for added storage! But there’s one other grief. Your simplest varied option is the 256GB iPad Air, which costs $750. That’s simplest $50 lower than the iPad Legitimate. And albeit, the iPad Legitimate’s minute dwelling of standard parts are perhaps price an further $50.

It’s love when the dude at the McDonald’s drive-via says, “you would possibly per chance presumably per chance presumably additionally ranking a huge Coke for 50 cents extra.” The smaller option is less dear, but as a result of pricing strategy, the extra costly option would be a better set up.

Is the iPad Legitimate Worth the Extra $50?

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There’s only one proven truth that will keep you from Apple’s up-set up. The inappropriate-model iPad Legitimate simplest has 128GB of storage—half of the volume of the 256GB iPad Air. If storage is extra valuable to you than some quality-of-lifestyles parts, then the 256GB iPad Air is the simpler set up here. It’s surely a better set up if you intend to bag a ton of games, motion photos, or tune.

But perchance you don’t care that mighty about storage. In case you’re tickled with a 128GB skill, spending an further $50 on the iPad Legitimate is in total a no-brainer. I indicate, parts love Face ID or a second digicam perhaps aren’t price the extra money, but that honest correct-searching 120Hz demonstrate will blueprint apps and games feel gigantic responsive.

Which iPad Ought to light You Decide?


I’m going to skedaddle in opposition to the grain a petite bit. In case you’re procuring for a huge set up, it is advisable to honest steer sure of the most recent iPads fully. There have a tendency to be any predominant differences between the recent and outdated technology of iPad, and on sage of these tablets final so rattling long, there’s customarily a motive to ranking the most recent component.

In case you watch on Amazon honest now, the 2020 iPad Air with 256GB of storage costs honest $650. It’s about a years outdated, doesn’t enjoy an overpowered M1 chip, and has a slower USB-C data transfer port. Restful, it’s an incredibly great tool, it in actuality works with basically the most up-to-date Apple Pencil, and it’s love minded with 11-hotfoot iPad Legitimate accessories.

But if you’re procuring for the most recent component, I don’t enjoy any definitive answers for you. Your priorities will dictate whether the M1 iPad Air or the M1 iPad Legitimate is a better set up. Maybe you like to enjoy extra storage,  otherwise you if truth be told love 120Hz shows, otherwise you honest desire a tablet to circulate Netflix. On sage of of Apple’s pricing strategy, all of it comes down to private need.