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Siesta Key Star Alex Kompothecras has been discharged by MTV

The effect of George Floyd’s death can be seen everywhere in the United States of America. Even reality TV shows are strictly against racism.  MTV has set an example for the second time. Firstly, the removed Dee Nguyen, from the reality show, The Challenge, due to her insensitive comments on the death of George Floyd. Kompothecras 25, and his girlfriend Alyssa Salerno have previously been prominently featured in the reality show, and now MTV fired member Alex Kompothecras from the show, Siesta Key.

In the past, he commented on some social media posts, which were related to racism. He even laughed at various posts. And now when the people started circulating the screenshots of his comments, MTV decided to end ties with him. However, the show will keep going on, but they will edit the parts in which he was present, the team said in an interview.

They also concluded that they do not tolerate any kind of discrimination, and Alex will not appear in the upcoming seasons as well. Racist explanation and white male chauvinist posts purportedly made by Kompothecras directly refinished and have been flowing by fan accounts online. Kompothecras and Salerno did not quickly respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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