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Silver Surfer will reportedly make his MCU Debut as a Villain

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Silver Surfer, is a fan favorite superhero. A new report from Mikey Sutton claimed that he will make his debut in the MCU as a villain in the employ of Galactus. While doing so, the studio wants to explore the emotional complexity of the character.

They do not want to show him just another goon-for-hire. Instead, he will be shown as an emotional character that eventually splits from his master and forges his path.  The studio has planned to show the origin story where to save his planet from the destruction he would offer his services to the Galactus.

Silver surfer is one of the most thoughtful and brooding names that MCU have at their disposal. If the studio has some bigger and better plan for him, then they will have to seize the opportunity of establishing him as one of the MCU’s most exclusive and appealing figures in the long-run.

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