Skin Rashes can also be the Symptom for Coronavirus- NHS Official

Skin Rashes can also be the Symptom for Coronavirus- NHS Official

After the high fever, cough, and a loss of sense of smell and taste, Scientist added a new symptom to the corona list which is skin rashes. Researchers from King’s College London advise that skin rashes can be an important predictor of the virus. There are about 9% of coronavirus sufferers and they are having skin rashes and on the other side, 8% of people with a different type of symptoms also experiencing skin ailment.

On Wednesday 15 July, a study found that one in 11 patients who tested positive for coronavirus developed a rash. So researchers are asking skin rashes to be added to the NHS’s official list of symptoms. Professor Gitte Moos Knudsen, chair of the Department of Neurology and Neurobiology Research Unit at Copenhagen University Hospital, said in a statement people who have been hospitalized and facing issue like fever, depletion of sensory inputs they also experiencing skin issues which clears that skin rashes must be added to the list. There is a Kawasaki-type disease in children. 

There are about 11,546 people who participated in an independent survey on COVID-19-related skin symptoms. In 21% of people, the only symptom was skin rashes. Researchers also said it can come at different periods sometimes before the symptom or sometimes after the other symptoms. Also, the rashes can be last for a day, and for some people, it can be last for up to weeks.  

Officials suggested to self-isolate if they are facing skin rashes only. So that the virus will not be spread. Anyone can get infected by the virus even those who think they might have Covid-19 and those who have been diagnosed with the virus. Professor Tim Spector suggested people stay at home.