Sony’s next State of Play offers a taste of PSVR2’s games

Sony will air nearly half an hour’s worth of PlayStation trailers and announcements during its State of Play livestream this Thursday at 3 p.m. PT (6 p.m. ET), the company announced today. It hasn’t announced any specific games that will be appearing at the event yet, but says it will feature “exciting reveals from our third-party partners” as well as a look at “various” games in development for its upcoming virtual reality headset, the Playstation VR2.

The news of the livestream follows an announcement on Sony’s Investor Day that it plans to have more than 20 “big” titles available for the VR headset at launch (the date of which has yet to be announced). There is currently only one confirmed game for Sony’s upcoming headset, a spin-off of the Horizon franchise called Horizon Call of the Mountainso hopefully this event will provide more details on the other virtual reality titles on the way.

Sony’s State of Play broadcasts take place every other month. In the past, broadcasts focused on just a single game (such as: Gran Turismo 7 in February and Hogwarts Legacy in March) or collections of games. From Sony’s description, it looks like next week’s broadcast will be the last.

Sony’s event will take place in a month filled with live-streamed events, including Netflix’s Geeked Week, Summer Game Fest, and an Xbox and Bethesda game showcase.

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