Spotify opens up video podcasting to everyone in the US and select markets

All creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can now upload video podcasts to Spotify, the streaming service has announced. Video can be uploaded through Anchor, the podcast creation tool that Spotify acquired in 2019. Video podcasts are compatible with the Spotify podcast subscription feature and work with embeds. The company also offers video-specific analytics for creators.

Spotify has been gradually rolling out support for video podcasts since mid-2020, around the same time it acquired Joe Rogan’s podcast — which has long been available in video form on YouTube. Since then, Spotify has slowly expanded the number of podcasters who can post their shows as videos on its service. Now all creators in supported markets can access the functionality.

An example of a video podcast.
Image: Spotify

The functionality is a direct shot at YouTube, which has quietly become a major platform for video podcasts over the years. Spotify’s press release states that video allows fans “a deeper connection to the content”. It can arguably also act as an important marketing tool. Would Elon Musk’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast have gotten as much attention if it weren’t accompanied by now-iconic images of the Tesla CEO smoking a joint?

For podcasts that previously offered video versions that weren’t available on Spotify, the streaming service says Anchor can be used to bulk replace existing audio episodes with video versions. Spotify also says it is integrating with Riverside, a podcast and video recording service that helps improve the quality of content captured remotely.

Spending in other markets is planned for the future, according to Spotify’s press release.

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