Sprint’s LTE and 3G networks are officially retired

The remnants of Sprint’s network have been set aside. As of yesterday, Sprint’s LTE network has been decommissioned by its new owner, T-Mobile. That’s along with Sprint’s 3G CDMA network, which was discontinued earlier this year, and what was left of T-Mobile’s own 3G network, which is retiring today. T-Mobile spokesman Justin Paulsen confirmed The edge that the network outages are now in progress.

It may come as a surprise that some of Sprint’s network was up and running so recently. In April 2020, T-Mobile officially took over ownership of the company, including all of its spectrum and network towers, which would eventually be repurposed for 5G. Sprint’s 3G CDMA network was the first to go when T-Mobile began shutting down Sprint’s systems in March. Originally it was planned to shut down the network by the end of 2021, but after a heated debate over anticompetitive behavior, with Dish chairman Charlie Ergen calling T-Mobile a Grinch, the date was pushed back.

Sprint’s LTE network followed later and was set to officially retire as of yesterday, June 30, 2022. mourn his loss. Sprint was late with LTE after first betting on WiMAX, and as a result, the LTE network lagged far behind the competition by the time it was operational. It was downright bad, actually.

If you’re somehow still using a phone that runs on Sprint LTE or T-Mobile’s 3G, chances are you’ve already experienced issues with your service. T-Mobile would in any case like to get their hands on a 5G phone. Paulsen says, “Customers who needed to take action as a result of these retirement efforts were notified well in advance and were offered a free 5G replacement device.”

If the elimination of legacy wireless networks brings tears to your eyes, take heart: T-Mobile’s 2G The GSM network is somehow still operational. The company plans to discontinue it, but has no set date yet.

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