Square Enix launches its first NFT project

What was once a warning of the dark times to come is now a reality. Square Enix has finally announced its NFT (or non-fungible token) project after threatening us with the company’s embrace of gamers’ controversial and largely reviled blockchain technology.

To facilitate this extraordinary waste of fans’ goodwill, Square Enix has partnered with Enjin, an NFT firm that will store Square Enix’s tokens on its Efinity blockchain. Starting today, consumers can pre-order a physical action figure that comes with a code that can be redeemed for a digital NFT. There will also be physical trading cards that will also have a digital NFT component available for pre-order later this year.

If you’re wondering which of the many franchises Square Enix gets these NFTs from, well, that’s the worst part. In what is perhaps the most astonishing case of “Didn’t read the source material you created,” Square Enix makes its NFTs of Final Fantasy VII— that relatively obscure indie game about a bunch of freedom fighters who take down a company that is killing the planet.

Yes, you read that right. Square Enix chooses for its NFTs – a technology known to consume exorbitant amounts of energy that contributes to vastly increased emissions and the already out-of-control climate change on a planet that is on fire, drowning or melting – from characters it created. who were committed to stopping companies from doing exactly what an NFT makes possible.

Mathematics is not mathematics.

Currently there are no images available of what the action figure or collectible cards will look like or how much they will cost. In an environment where gaming-related NFTs often face rapid and furious backlashes, on top of the precipitous price drop of all things cryptocurrency, it is also unknown whether these FFVII NFTs have a different value than sentimental.

Screenshot of 1997 Final Fantasy VII with Barret Wallace holding a text box above his head that reads

Square Enix

In the face of an inevitable backlash, Square has chosen to focus on using the Efinity Parachain, a tier 1 proof-of-stake solution touting itself as “environmentally friendly” and run by a company committed to Carbon neutral by 2030. It promises to be more energy efficient than older Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain technology, and with bridges connecting different blockchains without relying on them and their energy-guzzling ways of working.

But the planet is dying, Cloud, we don’t have much time.

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