Stack Overflow’s copy and paste keyboard now comes with RGB

Last year, Stack Overflow teamed up with mechanical keyboard manufacturer Drop on The Key, a bizarre 3-key miniature keyboard designed to copy and paste text. It did just that, but with a level of shine that was surprising for a $29 novelty that started life as an April Fools’ Day joke. Now Drop, Stack Overflow and designer Cassidy Williams are back with a sequel: The Key V2.

The Key V2 is very similar to its predecessor. It costs $29, it only has three keys mapped to Ctrl, C, and V right out of the box, and you can still customize these buttons to do pretty much everything else. But the Key V2 is also RGB enabled this time around, so you can make it light up like a Christmas tree along with your other gamer gear. The housing is made of acrylic instead of aluminum to allow this lighting to shine through.

Switches can be removed without desoldering.
Image: Drop
Acrylic housing allows the RGB lighting of the Key V2 to shine through.
Image: Drop

Another key difference is that the new Key’s switches are hot-swappable, meaning you can easily remove them and replace them with another switch that feels different. The Key V2 still uses standard Kailh Black Box switches, but now you can swap them out for Cherry’s own brand switches, Holy Pandas, or whatever your heart desires.

The Key V2 is now available to order directly from Drop, which says quantities are limited to 3,900 units with an estimated ship date of July 20, 2022. It says a portion of the proceeds from The Key V2 will go to digital undistributed, a non– profit focused on helping Latina and black women entrepreneurs.

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