Stage Magician Roy Horn Died of Coronavirus

Stage Magician Roy Horn Died of Coronavirus

Roy Horn who is one of half of the Las Vegas stage magician duo of Siegfried and Roy had died due to coronavirus complications. The duo of Siegfried and Roy will not be seen on the stage now. He had attained the age of 75 years.

Siegfried said that he had lost his friend and the world had lost the magic. Without him he is nothing and they both complete each other.

He said that Roy is a fighter throughout his life. He appreciates the team of Mountain View Hospital who had worked against this virus that had finally taken the life of Roy. Roy Horn has been tested positive with COVID at the end of April.

Roy Horn Lived a Magical Life

Roy Horn was born in the year 1944 in Germany. He started working with them when he was just 10 years. From Bremen Zoo he adopted a Cheetah and Wolfdog which is being owned by the family friend.

As per their book which is Siegfried & Roy’s Magic for the Ages, they both met each other when they were on a cruise. On this Fischbacher working as a magician and Horn working as a steward. Over here Horn proposed for creating a magic show that also includes animals into it. He asked Fischbacher that whether he can disappear the cheetah instead of rabbits. As disappearing rabbits is nothing new in the magic world.  He had brought his pet cheetah on the ship along with him. For this Fischbacher said that anything could be done in magic.

They both did different shows around Europe as a part of the Las Vegas stage show to Hallelujah Hollywood, Lido de Paris and Folies Bergere before they started showing in Las Vegas in the year 1967. By the year 1981 in the New Frontier Hotel and Casino, they became headliners, after which they move to The Mirage in the year 1990. So, by this time they are being ranked as 27 in the list of highest-paid performers on the Forbes Magazine.

2003 Ended 33 years Stage Run Show 

In October 2003 during a live show when a Siberian tiger of around 400 pounds attacked and dragged Horn offstage which ended a successful run in Las Vegas of Siegfried and Roy.

Roy taken to the hospital and had multiple surgeries but survived. After this, he finds difficulty in talking and walking. As per the report of 2005 USDA, this resulted in the windpipe being crush and the artery is damaged which carries oxygen to Roy’s brain.

After telling on the Las Vegas Review-Journal in the year 2007 this duo returned to the stage as an experiment. The doctors said that whatever Roy did was not possible. Fischbacher said that he was the magician but the magic is Roy. He showed him the magic of life.

They both performed in Las Vegas for around 30 years and performed around 5,000 shows having 10 million fans, from which earning could have been around $ 1 billion.