Steam Next Fest kicks off in June, offering ‘hundreds of demos’

Valve’s next Steam Next Fest, an event where players can try out demos of upcoming PC games directly from Steam, will take place June 13-20, the company has announced.

Valve promises there will be “hundreds of demos” this year, and while it hasn’t shared what may be playable for the upcoming event, there were some notable games last June, including saber and tum† It seems likely that Valve will be promoting games that are great for the Steam Deck, and hopefully by then a lot more people will have gotten their long-awaited reservations. (Unfortunately, my expected third-quarter order availability means I’m most likely missing out, at least when it comes to trying out games for the handheld.)

The mid-June schedule means that Steam Next Fest will be right around the time E3 usually takes place. While E3 organizers have said the show won’t be in person this year due to “the lingering health risks surrounding COVID-19,” they haven’t announced specific dates for the event.

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