Suicide Bomber Kills Nine at a Checkpoint in Southern Afghanistan

A suicide car bomber attacked a military checkpoint in southern Afghanistan, killing at least nine people, including four civilians, as per the reports. The spokesperson of the provincial Governor in Helmand, Omer Zwak, said that a small child and three security personnel got wounded in the Nahri Sarah District’s late-night attack.

When the attackers targeted the checkpoint, civilians were crossing the point in a vehicle. Out of the victims, two were women. No one has borne the responsibility for the attack, but the area is in control of the Taliban insurgents.

The attack comes amidst the peace talks taking place in Qatar between the Taliban leaders and Afghan govt appointed negotiators. After the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, the Taliban had set up a political office in Qatar, in 2001, when they toppled from power. The negotiations are meant to terminate the fighting and establishing a roadmap for a post-war society.