Suicide Squad Director Confirms Popular Joker And Harley Theory

Image source : IGN

It has been recently confirmed by David Ayer that Joker is all set to swap his lover and Harley Quinn, right-hand woman in the Suicide Squad. The fans had been speculating all this while that Harley would be replaced by Margot Robbie, had been Crime endgame’s Clown Prince after his refusal to save her halfway through the movie.

If you are not really aware of the source material, Suicide Squad revolves around a government agent who is seen blackmailing criminals into becoming her temporary vigilantes. The band of misfits must beat an evil force.

Image Source: The Direct

It sounds like a textbook stuff and the main twist is seen when protagonists turn out to be villains and heroes. Despite of an interesting storyline and catchy characters, the movie bombed at the box office. In spite of the fact that this version of the Suicide Squad may not be coming back to the big screen any time soon. But this does not mean that fans are not wondering about the world created by him. Read on to get to know more about the theory. 

While the script of Ayer doesn’t leave any scope for suspense about the fact that Joker doesn’t really bother much about Harley. But it is not really clear if she is being replaced or not. When it comes to Suicide Squad nothing is really clear about anything as Ayer has now established that Mr. J was looking forward to date other girls.

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