Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Hospitalized

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Hospitalized

On Monday, Ruth Bader Ginsberg – Supreme Court Justice was attending the teleconference of Oral arguments. Soon after that she experienced acute pain and rushed to the nearby Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington.

There she was diagnosed with a gallstone in the gallbladder that has moved to a cystic duct called acute cholecystitis. On Tuesday she came back home and despite having pain she attended the teleconference from the Home. But soon she was taken to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

There she got admitted with an infected duct and went under Non-Surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment as per the doctors is the treatment in which it involves antibiotics and tube insertion to drain out anything in the Duct.

Ruth’s Treatment coincides with Ongoing LIVE oral arguments

The first time in the history US Court of Justice is streaming live the oral arguments. In the live streaming, all the justices are participating from their homes through telephones. This is all happening because of the ongoing Coronavirus Outbreak. Now Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s treatment coincides with the oral arguments.

But the Good news is Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader is in good shape now and resting well. According to the court, she will participate in the teleconference on Wednesday from the Hospital only. On Wednesday, the oral arguments will be on the Birth Control case.

Past Treatment Ruth Bader Went Through

87- year old, Supreme Court justice in the past also went through 4 surgeries for Cancer. In 2018 she went through surgery to abnormal growth from her lungs. She bounced back from that also. In an interview, she also said that she would like to serve till the age of 90 if all goes well.

We all pray for her Good health and hope she return back to her home in good health and high spirits.