A Colleague of Sushant Singh Rajput discloses the Probable Reasons Behind His Death

sushant Rajput's Death

When the whole of India mourns over and seeks answers to the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the actor’s colleague Sapna Bhavnani has disclosed some revelations related to the late actor’s state of mind as well as the failures that lead to his death. Her tweet on Twitter is being discussed widely, wherein she stated that Sushant was going through issues for some years, however, none came to his aid. Sapna also added that the film industry has shallow relationships and discloses that this could also be one of the many reasons behind the tragic end of the actor.

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Early Sunday morning, Sushant was found dead at his residence at Bandra in Mumbai. The same was informed to the police by a house worker who had reached his residence in the morning. The news of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput has left Bollywood and his fans in a state of shock.

In 2019, there were five projects where Sushant was to star in, which have been stalled. Sapna Bhavnani’s tweets give the impression that the failed projects were the reason behind Sushant s depression.

Furthermore, Sushant was also to be cast in the movie Chanda Mama Doore Ke alongside Madhavan, however, this project didn’t take place. Films that were based on the lives of Rabindranath Tagore, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Chanakyaan also failed. The last movie Sushant was seen in was “Dil Bechara”, which is a remake of ‘The Fort in Our Stars’, an American romantic comedy, and this movie too faced a delay because of financial difficulties. The last movie that Sushant was part of was Drive, which was to be released on Netflix.

Sushant was clearly seen stating in his recent interview that he wasnt accepted by the so-called “biggies” of the film industry. We said he used to feel left out, as he was not invited to any of the parties hosted by Bollywood stars. Now, there are series of tweets for him, acknowledging his work but we question where were they all when he needed them the most!

A star who was shy and he has accepted this that he doesnt express himself openly. Probably he could share with all what he was feeling. Under a smiling face, was a person who was disturbed to the extent of commiting suicide? Is that true? Can depression or mental health lead us to this ? The answer is in capitals “YES”. It is high time, we do not consider mental health as a taboo and accept it as other illnesses and should be able to accept in openly.

But still, as his ardent fan or as a person who believes in hard work cant accept the fact that he has committed suicide. Sushant has seen ups and downs throughout his life. At the age of 16, his mother expired and he was so close to her had overcome this and continued studying cant go this weak!

A person who topped Engineering Entrance by securing All India 7th rank, can’t go this weak? A person who got admission in one of the most prestigious engineering colleges of India “Delhi College of Engineering” and still pursued his dream of acting by dancing for Shaimak Davar, can’t go this weak? A person who struggled to enter Bollywood by making big on Television, cannot go this weak? A person who wanted to do pursue another course in NASA with already done one, can’t go weak? A person who owned land on the moon – had a lot of dreams and aspirations. So, my question still stands, can a moment make him so weak that he could take his own precious life?

Bollywood has deep-rooted nepotism! So, does it belong only to star kids? What do those stars like Sushant who have proved themselves with their exemplary performances should do to feel accepted and a part of this industry?

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With Sushant’s death, a lot of questions are left unanswered, a lot of doubts in everyone’s mind and heart. Are the claims made by Kangana Ranaut on Koffee with Karan on Karan Johar himself correct? Is he the flag bearer of Nepotism?

Listen to what Kangana has to say on Sushant Rajput’s Suicide. Can we call it a suicide?

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What are your views on this? What do you think should the general public not dream to enter Bollywood? Is it the place only for star kids? Give us your views in the comments section below.