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Switzerland Town Sees ‘Chocolate snow’ After a Malfunction at Lindt Factory

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The residents of Switzerland got an unusual and pleasant surprise of ‘snowing chocolate’. All thanks to a ventilation fault of Lindt chocolate factory in that area. The social media showcased many pictures of a thin coat of cocoa powder on the car surfaces and window panes.  

The factory had confirmed the news of the malfunction of one of the ventilation system at their factory at Olten, which is between Zurich and Basel. The fault caused the fragmented and crushed cocoa otherwise known as ‘cocoa nibs’ to spread along with rain and strong winds in the immediate vicinity. 

Though the malfunction was fixed, the netizens had a good time posting amazing pictures of the event which is the first of its kind ever. Some people also went on to call this a dream coming true. The Swiss Embassy posted on social media the picture and said that it is snowing chocolate in Switzerland.

Who is craving for Chocolates now? I am….

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