Taraji P.Henson on being ‘embarrassed’ by suicidal thoughts during COVID pandemic: “It’s real, deal with it”

Actress Taraji P.Henson had shared last year that she felt real struggle when she recalled her suicidal tendency which she got during the pandemic last year. The actress spoke about how she felt during that time. And not just she but many other people felt the same during the historic lockdown period of coronavirus. She said every single day was a struggle for her. She struggled with not knowing or just giving up.

She said that she was not embarrassed by such thoughts as she felt that they were real and she dealt with them. She did not shun it. Last year the actress had shared how she considered taking her own life in the heights of frustration during the pandemic. She said that she found herself in a dark place during that phase of her life.

She said that she spoke to one of her friends regarding the thought and then her suicidal thoughts subsided quickly. She said that she spoke to her girlfriend in the morning after the night when she wanted to kill herself. Once she spoke to her friend, she got out of her negative feeling of killing herself and felt much relieved.

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