Target’s Black Friday Deals Revealed

Amongst the top retailers, this year, Target is the first one to be releasing their Black Friday air that is power-packed with significant savings and discount offers on various categories like clothing, video games, toys, and other electronics.

Target will be open this year on Thanksgiving day at 5 p.m and stay open until 1 a.m. It will then re-open for Black Friday at 7 a.m. In comparison with other Black Friday ads that were released so far, the Target Black Friday seems super exciting as you can lay your hands on a wide range of products with astounding savings and offers. 

Most retailers offer the same pricing across the board on top-notch electronics, but Target is shattering those prices by almost more than 10 percent. They also have a Sneak Preview sale, though the items that will be a part of it are still unlisted. They are also offering many other electronics with significant discounts that other retailers have not provided yet. It will be interesting to see if the other retailers can beat or at least match these incredibly low prices. 

Some of the most Incredible Pricing that we came across are:

  1. Google Home Mini- $20. 
  2. iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S10e activation on Verizon or AT&T is coming with a $200 Target Gift Card.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10, S10, or S10 plus activation on Verizon or AT&T is coming with a $400 Target Gift Card.
  4. Amazon Echo Dot- $22.

And you can expect many more.

Diksha Dutt is a coder, blogger, and teacher. Apart from blogging, she is an avid reader and a travel enthusiast. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know her.